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A Career Objective or a Resume Objective is essentially a heading statement that describes your professional goals in two to three sentences. Employers looking to hire an employee for a position tend to seek candidates that are driven enough to understand what they want. Whether you are starting off or set on a particular dream job, it is extremely essential to design an effective objective to stand out. Designing a resume that catches the eye of the recruiter is important. Showcasing all your skills, and highlighting work experience, and finding the perfect balance, can seem quite intimidating. Thus, taking up a Free Resume Building from Scratch session will help you streamline the process and help you create an effective resume. You will learn a step-by-step process, Do’s and Don’ts, Language & Formatting, and Live Resume Examples.

What’s the best resume template to use for an e-commerce resume?

The best resume template for e-commerce efficiently communicates the information employers need to see. Look for a template with a header in which to provide contact details and room for an objective or summary statement in addition to lists of skills, professional experience, and education.

Our e-commerce resume sample features all of these sections as well as an additional section dedicated to certifications and affiliations. Use this template with our resume builder to create a resume in minutes.

What’s the best format for a resume: PDF, MS Word, or txt?

Check the job advertisement or description to determine which format an employer prefers for resume submission. PDF and MS Word files can display formatting, and plain text files cannot. The e-commerce resume sample includes light formatting such as bolded text, horizontal lines, and bullet points.

If an employer has requested you to submit your resume with other documents, you might want to consider a versatile PDF file. Microsoft Word is a full-featured word processor with a wide variety of formatting options for structuring and refining the appearance of your materials. A text file can be useful for copying and pasting into a form on an online application portal.

What’s the best way to include digital skills on an e-commerce resume?

Digital skills play a major part in the success of any e-commerce candidate. Emphasize the skills requested in the description of the job you are seeking and try to make your resume reflect the employer’s priorities.

How can you separate your e-commerce resume from other candidates’ resumes?

The candidate in our e-commerce resume sample focuses on SEO, social networking, and blogging in her objective statement and sets forth more technological proficiencies in the skills section. If specific proficiency is absolutely necessary, you might want to bring it up in your summary statement or list of skills. Reference competencies related to past positions under qualifications or experience.

One of the best ways to distinguish your resume from the competition for an e-commerce position is to tailor your experience to the job you are seeking. Also, use effective and relevant metrics throughout to make a strong case for your abilities. Write your objective or summary statement with the position you want in mind.

How do you list awards on your e-commerce resume?

You can make reference to awards considered industry standard in your summary statement or a section devoted to awards. If these honors pertain to past positions, bring them up in the corresponding entry of your professional experience section. The candidate on our e-commerce resume sample does not mention accolades, but she includes a section for certifications and affiliations that could go in the place of, before, or after an awards section.

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